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Hugo DevResume Theme

This is a Hugo port of DevResume - a great looking resume/CV template designed for developers by Xiaoying Riley.


DevResume screenshot



  • Fully Responsive
  • HTML5 + CSS3
  • Built on Bootstrap 4
  • 1000+ FontAwesome icons
  • SCSS source files included
  • Compatible with all modern browsers


  • Google Analytics


You can see it in action on Hugo Themes site.



Within the root of your Hugo project execute the following:

$ cd themes
$ git clone https://github.com/cowboysmall-tools/hugo-devresume-theme.git

Getting Started

After successful installation as a minimum you need to take the following steps:


Go to exampleSite and copy config.toml to the root of your site. Open config.toml and add your relevant information.


To view your site, execute the following:

$ hugo server

and go to localhost:1313 in your browser.


To generate your site in the public folder, execute the following:

$ hugo

within the root of your project.


Post bugs and contributions to the issue tracker. Or make a pull request.


This template is 100% FREE as long as you keep the footer attribution link. You do not have the rights to resell, sublicense or redistribute (even for free) the template on its own or as a separate attachment from any of your work. If youd like to use this template without the footer attribution link, you can buy the commercial license

You may change the "Ported for..." line by adding the following to the end of config.toml

    copyright = ""